Telemedicine / Telehealth

The attorneys at The Health Law Partners, P.C., have cutting edge experience counseling hospitals, physicians, and other health care professionals and organizations in the rapidly-developing field of telehealth. This practice area is a relatively new means of delivering necessary and specialized health care to individuals and populations.

Fueled by the advancement of communications technology, telehealth has been particularly embraced to address physician and specialist shortages. But novel delivery means and methods touch upon outdated laws in a unique manner requiring specialized and experienced legal guidance of a telehealth attorney.

The telehealth attorneys of The Health Law Partners, P.C., counsel leading hospitals and other health care organizations in developing partnerships and arrangements for the delivery of services across the country. Health care organizations rely on our firm to implement and oversee compliance measures, handle multi-state licensing issues, and ensure adherence to ever-increasing State and Federal telehealth regulatory requirements.