Home Health

Home health agencies are heavily regulated and scrutinized by State and Federal governments and third-party payors. Fraudulent and abusive activity by some home health agencies has created a challenging legal and business environment that is genuinely challenging for legitimate home health agencies. Those home health agencies that are compliance-oriented and operate to provide high-quality services to their patients need to rely upon legal advisors and consultants to understand the technical legal and payor requirements – which are detailed and not necessarily intuitive.

Home health agency attorneys at The Health Law Partners, P.C., are effective in navigating these highly difficult areas of law and providing quality counsel to clients. Through careful consideration and calling upon years of experience in this field, the home health agency attorneys at The Health Law Partners, P.C., are attuned to the unique needs of medical specialists in these challenging fields and can provide effective ongoing advice.

The Health Law Partners, P.C., regularly assists home health agencies with a multitude of legal issues including payor audits, enrollment issues (e.g., 36-month rule), corporate relationships and transactions, and the development and implementation of compliance plans. Due to our experience in this industry, we can provide home health agency legal services from a practical perspective and with efficiency.