POs and Physician Group Practices

Physician organizations (POs) and physician group practices currently face mounting pressure to improve their quality of care while also controlling costs. This pressure to shift away from the decades-old fee-for-service system has created a unique landscape for POs to operate in. This evolving climate ensures the assistance of a qualified health law attorney is as important as ever. The Health Law Partners, P.C., have worked extensively with a wide variety of POs and physician group practices, making their knowledge and expertise exceedingly valuable.

POs currently face mounting regulatory hurdles, including internal compliance, privacy, security, licensure, and reimbursement issues, among many others. Additionally, new legislation surrounding the creation and maintenance of physician groups produces additional burden which, if not handled correctly, can compound these already complex matters.

The attorneys at The Health Law Partners, P.C., have advised physician organizations and group practices on the multitude of legal issues they encounter and therefore have the experience necessary to handle any matter faced by these types of clients.