Hospices play an essential role within the health care industry and face extraordinary challenges due to their unique patient population. Besides typical legal compliance issues and audit activities, hospices expend tremendous resources dealing with uncommon complications such as matters involving other health care providers and the extended families of their patients (e.g., privacy and personal representative issues). Considering the health care expenditures incurred by patients during the last months of their lives, hospices have a distinctive opportunity to work with others in the health care industry to achieve quality of care, care coordination, and efficiency objectives embraced by Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party payors. With this unique opportunity comes the need for guidance from knowledgeable, industry-leading hospice attorneys.

The Health Law Partners, P.C., has extensive experience in advising clients on the multitude of legal issues facing hospice organizations. With increased auditing activity and overall claims scrutiny, compliance has never been more critical. The hospice attorneys at The Health Law Partners, P.C., are well-acquainted with technical regulatory issues and beneficiary eligibility issues facing hospices and are equipped to assist these organizations in all areas of payment, business, and regulatory concern.