Anesthesia and Pain Management

The Health Law Partners, P.C., is a unique health care law firm with lawyers who understand the multitude of legal, regulatory, and contract issues facing anesthesiologists and chronic pain management physicians and practices. Since the time that the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) issued its compliance guide addressing the specific risk factors in anesthesia billing, and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued its voluntary compliance program guidance for physician practices, anesthesiologists and anesthesia practices have understood the importance of implementing and maintaining compliance programs.

With the multitude of bodies auditing anesthesia and other types of health care provider and supplier claims, compliance continues to be of particular importance. The attorneys at the Health Law Partners, P.C., have worked with anesthesia and pain practices around the country for over a decade. The firm can assist anesthesia and pain practices in a broad array of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Exclusive contracts;
  • Compliance Programs addressing specific anesthesia and pain management risk areas, including without limitation:
    • Medical direction elements and documentation requirements;
    • Anesthesia time;
    • OB anesthesia billing;
    • Acute/post-op pain and invasive monitoring lines;
    • Medical necessity and documentation for chronic pain procedures; and,
    • Incident-to services.
  • Compliance Education and In-services;
  • Development of narcotic agreements;
  • Regulatory and fraud and abuse (e.g., Stark and Anti-kickback) analysis and guidance about proposed ventures and relationships;
  • Corporate and transactional matters;
  • Employment and independent contractor agreements;
  • Appeals of Medicare and other payor denials;
  • Staff privilege matters;
  • State licensing and/or DEA registration matters;
  • HIPAA; and,
  • The Red Flag Rules.

The attorneys at The Health Law Partners, P.C., also assist billing and management companies specializing in anesthesia and pain management.