PAs, Nurse Practitioners, and Other Physician Extenders

Physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners, and the various other physician extenders are a vital part of the day to day operations of a hospital or health care facility. While many of the legal issues facing physicians also apply to physician extenders, there are additional matters they may encounter that are unique to their practice.

The Health Law Partners, P.C., understands that physician extenders have made significant investments – both time and monetary – into their education and career and we work to honor those investments by ensuring any issues faced by our clients are handled in an effective and timely manner. Our attorneys possess the experience and knowledge necessary to manage our clients’ matters relating to employment contracts, business entity formation, practice agreements, licensing, compliance, investigations, and many other areas as they arise. A highly skilled attorney at The Health Law Partners, P.C., is prepared to handle any matters necessary for our clients in the nursing profession.