Similar to other health care providers, dental professionals and their businesses are subject to significant Federal and State regulation. Depending upon the size and nature of their operations and the payors that they bill for services, their arrangements can implicate the same Federal and State laws that govern any other health care profession (e.g., the Federal Stark law and other State self-referral laws, anti-kickback laws, HIPAA and other patient privacy laws, licensure requirements, and other laws and regulations). However, the dental industry is a unique field of health care.

Application of these generally applicable laws to a dental practice requires nuanced analysis shaped by the particular operations of the provider. Sometimes the circumstances at issue can provide more flexibility than that afforded to other health care providers under the same laws, making the selection of a specialized dental attorney crucial. Our attorneys work with dental professionals to successfully address payor audits, licensure issues, and other investigations.

We provide legal services to dental professionals to form practices, structure relationships, and operations in a legally compliant manner and close business transactions. Our attorneys assist practitioners, helping them quickly address legal concerns and issues so that they may focus on their patients, their careers, and businesses.